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Prayers are the secret behind my success; Rahma Sadau


Charismatic and down to earth, Rahma Sadau is the most sought after actress now in Kannywood. Hafsat Lalo caught up with her for a quick interview on Saturday morning. Here it goes…

Good morning Queen

Rahma Sadau: Good morning my team

You’re just returning back home from Jos, how was your stay there?

Rahma Sadau: It was fabulous, I really enjoyed it.

This is the second time you shared a screen space with Nafisa Abdullahi, how has she been as a co-star?

Rahma Sadau: She’s good, she happens to be one of those co-stars I’ve enjoyed working with so far. She’s supporting and challenging.

You left the shoot due to some sort of sickness, how’s your body now?

Rahma Sadau: Alhamdulillahi, I’m fine now, I guess I should be.

You left the location for a workshop in Abuja, what’s the workshop all about?

Rahma Sadau: It’s all about the contribution of entertainers towards the development of our society.

Are there other actors from Kannywood, or is it only you and Ali Nuhu?

Rahma Sadau: We are a team of 30, Yakubu Muhammad, Adam Zango, Ali Nuhu, Aminu Saira, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Nazifi Asnanic, Nura M Inuwa, Nafisa Abdullahi, Halima Atete, Aisha Tsamiya, Fati Washa me, and others.

Were you guys chosen?

Rahma Sadau: Yes, we were.


Rahma Sadau: (laughs..) I don’t know, maybe because we are the upcoming Stars.

The stars indeed!!

What have you learnt from the workshop?

Rahma Sadau: A lot, it encourages us on how to interacts socially with sick people, and how easily people adopt what we do.

Your birthday is tomorrow, are you going to celebrate it somewhere?

Rahma Sadau: Oh no, I’m not, I will be at home with my family and I would like to be with one of my biggest fans, if possible.

Any secret behind you success?

Rahma Sadau: Prayers are the secret behind my success

As Kannywood most sought after actress now, how busy are you?

Rahma Sadau: As busy as a bee. But thank God I’m free now.

You’re recently seen in pictures modeling for Mithtra Collections, were you a model before joining the industry?

Rahma Sadau: Yes I am. But I get more opportunities now.

Because of your fame?

Rahma Sadau: (laughs) next question.

(laughs) Has it been easy on you Combining acting and modeling?

Rahma Sadau: Yes, because I have passion for both.

Where do you make your money from, acting or modeling?

Rahma Sadau: Both.

Is there any specific company you model for?

Rahma Sadau: No.

When would we see Rahma Sadau produce a Kannywood movie?

Rahma Sadau: Wow! Not too early like this, it takes legend to do that.

(laughs) Aren’t you one already?

Rahma Sadau: No.

What’s your all time favorite role you’ve played on screen to date?

Rahma Sadau: Dogon Zamani

You just completed your diploma in Kadpoly, do you wish to continue?

Rahma Sadau: Yes in shaa Allah

Which course?

Rahma Sadau: Business Administration

Why not Theatre Arts?

Rahma Sadau: No, I prefer business administration.

And what about marriage?

Rahma Sadau: (laughs) Very soon, in shaa Allah.

Do you wish to convey any message?

Rahma Sadau: Thank you to all my fans around the world, and to all the people that spare some time to know me, and very big shout out to my haters for making me grow bigger.

Thank you very much for your time Queen, we all here in Team Rahma are saying Happy birthday in advance.

Rahma Sadau: Thanks


Rahma Sadau: The sizzling siren

Second out of a family of six, Didi, as they call her at home is born into the family of Alhaji Ibrahim Sadau. Rahma did her primary education in Misbahul-Islam Nursery and Primary School, and attended Corinthians Secondary School in Kaduna. She is still in school, currently studying Business Administration at Kaduna Polytecnic, and living happily with her family at Anguwan Rimi, Kaduna state.

She is light in complexion, slim and shapely lady, she is of average height with thin lipped mouth and pointed nose. Her smile is angelic, while her laugh reveals a set of beautifully arranged white teeth. She moves beautifully, she speaks eloquently and she is respectful, which is all embodied in how she wears clothes. She’s adorable.

Someone might begin to ask, “why did Rahma Sadau choose to study Business Admin while her passion is in the Theatre Arts?” Acting has been her passion right from primary school. She has the dream, though lack the courage to pursue it. She has been seeing acting as something that is extremely special which only the fortunates get the opportunity of joining. “I never thought talent pays” she said. Apart from acting, Rahma also loves dancing.

With currently 45 movies, in a just-over a year, best record among her peers. Rahma Sadau is the most sought after actress presently in Kannywood. She is now 22, charming, charismatic,down to earth, and already proves she has the acting talent to back up her flawless looks.

written by Hafsat Muhammad Lalo

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Rahma Sadau got honoured

Recently, on the just concluded 5th City People Award which took place in lagos on 22nd of June, 2014. Rahma Sadau was nominated on two categories, which are The best supporting actress and the new best actress of the year under the Hausa category. She won the best new actress having lost the other to Halima Atete.
Rahma sadau wishes to use this medium and thank you all for the love and support. “You have given me much love and support that makes me who I am today. And I dedicate my award to all my fans and family who makes this dream a reality. I love u all” said Rahma!!!
We as the fansclub of the sizzling siren wishes to inform all other fans nation wide that the MTN kannywood award is underway. Get ready. It’s another big thing of the year! Thank you all.
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Rahama Sadau’s First Year in Kannywood

18th June 2013, is the beginning of Rahama Sadau’s career journey, as she took her first step into acting. Gani ga wane, her first movie, is a masterpiece. She played the female lead role alongside the multiple award-winning actor, Ali Nuhu. “At first, I was very nervous and a little bit scared of Ali Nuhu because of his charisma and level of professionalism” Rahma said.

Her first performance was excellent even though she acted alongside Ali Nuhu, who is a figure among Nigerian actors. However, only few actors have a great start like hers. It could be simply a case of being in the right place, at the right time but her great start wasn’t a coincidence, an avid follower of bollywood movies, Rahama has understanding of the movies even before her debut. That explains her strong start and her outstanding performances.

Now, simply the most promising new actor in Kannywood, everybody will agree with me if I say Rahama Sadau is among those few actors whose names will remain in bold in the history of kannywood. She is the most brightest and most talented new comer of this generation. Her performances will have u invested in her characters. When it comes to dancing, Rahama Sadau is the biggest name you’d hear. She’s unique. When she was asked of her experience, her reply was “well I found myself in a strange life, in the midst of strange people. At first, I was very nervous when ever I am on set. I felt I’m still new and fresh. I have this experience of living a life full of hard work and dedication”.

Although, there has been a surge of young actors over the past years, only a few have managed to make a mark. Having breakfast in kaduna, lunch in Abuja and dinner in Jos becomes her day to day activity. That’s how busy she is. Nobody expects to go through life without meeting challenges. Difficulties and perplexity are inevitable to human experience. Rahama met a lot of challenges in her first year which are not easily identifiable. She has made rivals due to the level of her professionalism. They are all around her. “But I don’t feel their presence, just living my life as Rahma Sadau. I believe if u don’t have them, you are nobody and you will never be somebody” said Rahma.

When we talk of achievement, we simply say set aims or goals you have achieved, or yet to achieve in life. There are two principles that keep us going in life. Which are: Faith and courage. With these principles at heart, you will persevere, conquer and you will never regret or fail in all your endeavors. Rahama Sadau always have these principles in mind and she is under no delusion. She knows she has a long way to go and is willing to work hard to be the best. And that’s what got her success by achieving her goals faithfully.

Alhamdulillah, Rahama has won two accolades in a single year and nominated in two categories of City People Award. She featured in 36 movies out of which she described Dogon Zamani has her best, because she played a role she never thought she can play. Has anyone ever wondered why Rahama Sadau is making fans at every angle? The “Sizzling Siren” as described by her mentor, Ali Nuhu, is very simple and friendly. She has an outstanding human relations unlike other actors. She described her fans as one of the most successful things that ever happen to her. Rahma “in short time of my professional career, I can say it with a loud voice that I have been given much love and support from my fans. The account of @rahma_sadaufans is part of the extreme love I got from fans.” She’s is the first ever kannywood actress to have a fan page on twitter, and the only kannywood actress that can speak hindi fluently.

And on her mentor, Ali Nuhu, Rahma has nothing but gratitude for him “there are no words enough to describe my sincere gratitude and appreciation. You are the beginning of Rahma Sadau. You mean the world to me. Thank you and may Allah bless you and your family”

Today, being her first anniversary in kannywood, Rahama Sadau wishes to convey a message to her fans, family, Mentor and Kannywood in general. Rahma “I thank God the mighty for giving me the capacity and competent to share my experience with you confidently with caution to talk calmly and comprehensively. I promise you all that I will never let u down. You have made me who I am but what I am and what I am aiming for. You have made me to know beyond the horizon, in fact you have made my world. Thank you all and Jazakumul lahu khair”

Written by Hafsat Muhammad Lalo
Twitter: @grtsunnist

Follow: @Rahma_sadaufans