Prayers are the secret behind my success; Rahma Sadau


Charismatic and down to earth, Rahma Sadau is the most sought after actress now in Kannywood. Hafsat Lalo caught up with her for a quick interview on Saturday morning. Here it goes…

Good morning Queen

Rahma Sadau: Good morning my team

You’re just returning back home from Jos, how was your stay there?

Rahma Sadau: It was fabulous, I really enjoyed it.

This is the second time you shared a screen space with Nafisa Abdullahi, how has she been as a co-star?

Rahma Sadau: She’s good, she happens to be one of those co-stars I’ve enjoyed working with so far. She’s supporting and challenging.

You left the shoot due to some sort of sickness, how’s your body now?

Rahma Sadau: Alhamdulillahi, I’m fine now, I guess I should be.

You left the location for a workshop in Abuja, what’s the workshop all about?

Rahma Sadau: It’s all about the contribution of entertainers towards the development of our society.

Are there other actors from Kannywood, or is it only you and Ali Nuhu?

Rahma Sadau: We are a team of 30, Yakubu Muhammad, Adam Zango, Ali Nuhu, Aminu Saira, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Nazifi Asnanic, Nura M Inuwa, Nafisa Abdullahi, Halima Atete, Aisha Tsamiya, Fati Washa me, and others.

Were you guys chosen?

Rahma Sadau: Yes, we were.


Rahma Sadau: (laughs..) I don’t know, maybe because we are the upcoming Stars.

The stars indeed!!

What have you learnt from the workshop?

Rahma Sadau: A lot, it encourages us on how to interacts socially with sick people, and how easily people adopt what we do.

Your birthday is tomorrow, are you going to celebrate it somewhere?

Rahma Sadau: Oh no, I’m not, I will be at home with my family and I would like to be with one of my biggest fans, if possible.

Any secret behind you success?

Rahma Sadau: Prayers are the secret behind my success

As Kannywood most sought after actress now, how busy are you?

Rahma Sadau: As busy as a bee. But thank God I’m free now.

You’re recently seen in pictures modeling for Mithtra Collections, were you a model before joining the industry?

Rahma Sadau: Yes I am. But I get more opportunities now.

Because of your fame?

Rahma Sadau: (laughs) next question.

(laughs) Has it been easy on you Combining acting and modeling?

Rahma Sadau: Yes, because I have passion for both.

Where do you make your money from, acting or modeling?

Rahma Sadau: Both.

Is there any specific company you model for?

Rahma Sadau: No.

When would we see Rahma Sadau produce a Kannywood movie?

Rahma Sadau: Wow! Not too early like this, it takes legend to do that.

(laughs) Aren’t you one already?

Rahma Sadau: No.

What’s your all time favorite role you’ve played on screen to date?

Rahma Sadau: Dogon Zamani

You just completed your diploma in Kadpoly, do you wish to continue?

Rahma Sadau: Yes in shaa Allah

Which course?

Rahma Sadau: Business Administration

Why not Theatre Arts?

Rahma Sadau: No, I prefer business administration.

And what about marriage?

Rahma Sadau: (laughs) Very soon, in shaa Allah.

Do you wish to convey any message?

Rahma Sadau: Thank you to all my fans around the world, and to all the people that spare some time to know me, and very big shout out to my haters for making me grow bigger.

Thank you very much for your time Queen, we all here in Team Rahma are saying Happy birthday in advance.

Rahma Sadau: Thanks


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