Rahma Sadau: The sizzling siren

Second out of a family of six, Didi, as they call her at home is born into the family of Alhaji Ibrahim Sadau. Rahma did her primary education in Misbahul-Islam Nursery and Primary School, and attended Corinthians Secondary School in Kaduna. She is still in school, currently studying Business Administration at Kaduna Polytecnic, and living happily with her family at Anguwan Rimi, Kaduna state.

She is light in complexion, slim and shapely lady, she is of average height with thin lipped mouth and pointed nose. Her smile is angelic, while her laugh reveals a set of beautifully arranged white teeth. She moves beautifully, she speaks eloquently and she is respectful, which is all embodied in how she wears clothes. She’s adorable.

Someone might begin to ask, “why did Rahma Sadau choose to study Business Admin while her passion is in the Theatre Arts?” Acting has been her passion right from primary school. She has the dream, though lack the courage to pursue it. She has been seeing acting as something that is extremely special which only the fortunates get the opportunity of joining. “I never thought talent pays” she said. Apart from acting, Rahma also loves dancing.

With currently 45 movies, in a just-over a year, best record among her peers. Rahma Sadau is the most sought after actress presently in Kannywood. She is now 22, charming, charismatic,down to earth, and already proves she has the acting talent to back up her flawless looks.

written by Hafsat Muhammad Lalo

Twitter, @grtsunnist

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